Fiber Fun Day!

Its been a busy, busy last couple of days. Preschool is now out for the summer…my baby is officially a kindergartener! How on earth did that happen?! Anyway, I have been looking for things to keep us busy this summer…you know so the kids don’t get into trouble…haha! We went out to eat on Sunday after church and low and behold our local yarn shop (In A Yarn Basket) was having their fiber trunk show that day. How perfect! Hannah and I decided to go see what all the fiber fuss was about, and I’m so glad we did! I think either my addiction to yarn is either rubbing off on her, or it’s a genetic thing. She loves helping me pick out that special hank of yarn and has a special interest in my ever increasing yarn stash. Anyway, when we arrived, not only did they have other local vendors there selling their yummy hand-dyed yarns, stitch markers, and even handmade soaps, but had a few of the animals there had help provide us with all their scrumptious fleece…llamas, goats, and rabbits! I have to claim Hannah. She not only shares my yarn obsession but she has a very special place in her heart for animals as well. In my younger years, I would in multiple veterinary hospitals as a vet assistant and graduated Purdue with an Animal Science BS. Anyway, long story short…she was enamored. She has a very kind heart, so it does not surprise me at all that she takes a special interest in all of God’s creatures. Campus Vets and Dr. Oakley are two of her favorite shows right now.

In a Yarn Basket didn’t stop with vendors and animals…nope! They were having a spinning group going in the shop as well. Karin was so sweet and helped Hannah use a drop spindle for the first time, and she was surprisingly good at it! For anyone who isn’t sure what a drop spindle is…don’t worry, it wasn’t too long ago I heard of them too…check out the picture below! Essentially you “drop and spin the spindle,” and by using your fingers to help pull the fiber a bit and releasing the it, the energy and twist you have created with spindle travels up into fiber and makes yarn. It is so cool and very inexpensive to get into. Hannah showed such an interest with the spinning wheels and spindles…sitting down on the floor watching these ladies spin. It was absolutely adorable! She loved it so much that we ended up buying a drop spindle from one of the local vendors and our first bunch of roving! Definitely check out 2DyeCru. These ladies were super nice and informative. They not only were selling the drop spindles in various sizes but also organically dyed yarn and stitch markers, so a little bit for everyone! I’ll be honest, I don’t want to attempt to spin the roving. It is just so soft and gorgeous to the touch, but we do have plans to hopefully make it into yarn and use our collection of food coloring to turn it into a rainbow of gorgeous colors! This mama has never spun yarn either, so this whole drop spindle thing is definitely going to be a mommy and me learning experience.

Stay tuned…I have some new products that I’m putting the finishing touches on now and I will be posting both in my shop and hopefully up here on my blog…can’t wait to share!