Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!

Oh my goodness, I am thrilled beyond belief to have finally taken the leap and made an official blog for my Etsy shop, Neika’s Place! I’m having a hard time even putting into words how excited I am to be able to have another avenue to share all my knitted and crocheted goodies, and this gives me a place that I can share all my craft obsessions or really whatever I want too! So, here is fair warning there will be posts that include my kids (2 and 4-legged), since they are the light of my life and really helped inspire me to finally become an Etsy seller, and all my other life adventures and hobbies. I absolutely love to make things. All you have to do is ask my ever-so-understanding and loving husband about my craft supply stash, and he will be the first one to tell you how large and diverse it is. Yarn, needles, and hooks, of course, are the front runners in my collection, for sure, but I think it is safe to say that “the stash” is slowly taken over the house…second maybe to the never ending “toy store” that has now become my daughter’s room and our living room. I have seriously gotten to the point when I visit my local yarn shop, which by the way those ladies are all awesome, that I don’t even pretend to have a plan for all the yarn that just has to come with me anymore…haha! So, feel free to check out my shop on Etsy and come back here often, because I am planning some really cool posts, along with some new shop products! See you soon!